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Monday, July 13, 2009

Festival fun

On Sat. my hubby, son and I went to the Old Canal Days festival in Canal Fulton. We played some games (spent a large sum of money to win a little stuffed prize!) Watched the crowds ride the rides
Feasted on stromboli

And finished the day with some wonderful, greasy, salty fries!


Lori said...

that stromboli looks delicious...what a fun day!!!

Laura said...

Hi Cheryl!
This post brings back memories of summer fun in my younger days! Except then, I probably would have gone on the rides! Have a great week!

jenny holiday said...

Sounds like a perfect day!!! Totally up our alley!!! Stromboli...ahhh!!! And french downfall..haha!

Happy Happy Summer Cheryl!!!
xoxo Jenny

lindaharre said...

Your pics are Great!!!! Love the carnivals this time of year.....even though they are EXPENSIVE!!! WOW, I remember when you could ride all day on 5 bucks....LOL