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Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Few Good Finds

It was such a pretty day out that I drove to Medina OH to visit some antique malls. I really enjoyed looking but there was'nt too much to buy! I did pick up a few things though to use for Easter pieces that I am working on. Next weekend I am heading off to Springfield OH for an antique/ flea market show, hope there is more to choose from there!


TinyBear said...

Beautiful finds. I love that old purse. Is that an old tin box ? - so beautiful. Love that kind of stuff too.

Kathy said...

At least you found something, now thats a good day. Good luck next week.

Joy said...

Maybe those pickings were slim, but they sure were gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you do with them. :o)

Lori said...

well, you did find some good things after's always disappointing when you want and hope to find more...i am so with you there...i think we are hugely challenged in our shopping here in ne ohio...don't you? springfield sounds promising...wish i didn't have to work...i was hoping to head out to medina soon...hope i can find some goodies there!!!