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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Easter Work

I just finished up some new Easter pieces. If interested in purchasing one just drop me a line at for prices and sizes. For close ups just click on the Easter link at the top left of the page. I even used pink in some of these pieces, very unusual for dark, dreary me!!


Laura said...

Cheryl,.....These are fabulous!!!! I was just looking at your goodies on Jen's Earth Angels since there is a are just so talented and ingenious! Love them all! Laura

TinyBear said...

I love your new easter pieces. So beautiful
and inspiring. Love your work.

Anonymous said...

I look forward every year to your Easter artwork. Also your Halloween work. I think the work with touches of color are still very much your style. I enjoy them all.

Joy said...

Magical. As always.

Lori said...

Cheryl, those are stunning...i like that you added a little color...and of course pink is the best color in all the world:) those little bunnies are TOO cute...and i love the pink fabric and how you have it draped on the box on that first is just lovely!!!

Maria said...

Wow, this is a far cry from the dolls you used to make. Love all your pieces. You are one talented gal! AND an Earth Angel as well!!!! So glad I found you. Maria

lindaharre said...

Cheryl....I love your new boxes! Love the color....but.....loved the all neutral as well:)

The Rustic Victorian said...

Quite wonderful, I have followed you since you had your creations on etsy,,or was it ebay,,I cant remember. I found you via my friend who loves your work as much as I do, she even has a piece of your magic. I am glad you are blogging.
Happy Tuesday in your Creative world. These easter creatons are so special.

Theresa said...

Cheryl all of your pieces turned out beautifully!!! You have such a great eye for detail. :)