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" In contemplation of created things, by steps we may ascend to Heaven."

Friday, October 15, 2010

Witchy creations

I got the chance to use all the wonderful photos and orange-colored pieces I found antiquing last weekend. I took the large round tin and created this piece using the lid, with an old plastic clock piece attached to it. Then I used the bottom of the tin and another clock case and other goodies on this piece.

I used the photo of these 2 women and one of the orange buttons on this one..

another one of the photos and the pair of sparkly black earrings found there way into this one

The last orange button and one of the wood blocks compliment this witch

The last piece used was the little old case with the orange velvet lining. To see close-ups of these pieces just click on my available work link on the left.

Now I have to start creating with the xmas goodies I found, time to break out the mica flakes!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Show finds

I went to a local antique show this weekend and managed to find some goodies that I thought I would share!

Of course I had to pick up some photos, the ladies have already been turned into witches! I love these vintage black and white fabrics, can't wait to use them.
A nice collection of wonderful old blocks, can never have too many of them
Some jewelry bits and pieces

2 great old journals, the one on the right is over and inch and a half thick, that is alot pages!

Here is a peek inside

Some xmas pieces that will find their way into some assemblages

And some wonderful orange pieces that I have been creating with today and will share the Halloween results soon!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In Memory of...

Robert Clayton 1930 -2010
Growing up my brothers, sister and I had a dad in our early childhood, but he was one that was physically there when it was convenvient for him and was for the most part not emotionally there when he was present. But that was okay, because we were surrounded by uncles, 1 uncle in particular that was there whenever we needed him, and we had the most important and constant man in our lives, our grandpa Robert Clayton.

He attended all of our sporting and school activities and made sure we had a fun childhood by making sure we got to go places like Cedar Point and swimming at a local swim park. We had lots of family cook-outs and get togethers. There was never a question of us going without because my granparents were there to help my single mother if she ever needed it,( she did an awesome job though all by herself, we could have not asked for a better mom.)

By watching our grandparents marriage we learned what it meant to be a good husband and especially how a good father acted.

My brothers are the amazing fathers they are today, not because of the example set by our father but by following the example set by our grandpa. Now their children will have the experience of having a true father in lives because of him. What a wonderful legacy to leave all the generations that follow and that is the thing I am most grateful to him for. So I would like to say thank-you grandpa for being an inspiration to us all and you will be dearly missed by everyone that was lucky enough to have had you in their lives.