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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wooden boxes

I just love old wooden boxes, doesn't matter the size or the condition, they are my favorite place to start an assemblage with. I got out my stash of favorite boxes and got to work!

This is an old drawer and a great size to use this wonderful larger photo in, I wish I had that beautiful long, dark hair.

This was an old telephone box that had been painted silver at one point. I loved the depth of it and had such fun creating this piece!

This old cream white box had made me so excited when I found it, I just loved the aged patina of the wood so I added one of my favorite photos to it, a perfect match, I think!

This old drawer is so sturdy and heavy that I tried to balance it out with the delicate little girl and her butterfly.

This old box worked perfectly with the rusty old oil can which I found still had oil in it when I saw the spot of the floor of my car! I finally drained it and got it dried out and love it so much as a base for this piece.

This little angel has found a perfect home for herself in this wonderful aged paper covered box.

This was the lid from the old telephone box so I could not let it go to waste!!

and finally 2 more fabric hearts made just because I so love working with fabric and needle!

to see close-ups of these pieces just stop by here.