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Sunday, May 16, 2010

an 'extravagant" day

On Sat morning my mom and I went to the Springfield Oh "Extravanga" antique show and flea market. There were over 2,000 vendors to look through and we spent most of the day looking at lots of antique furniture and thousands of items I would have loved to have brought home with me. However, I was on a mission to find things to use for my art.....alas, I did not find as much as I hoped too, or everyone else had already bought what I was looking for on Friday ,but I did find a few treasures... I love these industrial wood pieces, they will be the start of a nice assemblage
Here are some sweet photos and tintypes

Most of the jewelry was very pricey but I did find this great bag of old seed pearls, a metal frame, and a few pieces of bling.

My last stop yielded me this group of "junk" along with some wood blocks and an old compact.

I also found there this neat old railroad lantern, which once I pry the lens open, I hope to create a piece out of

and this old horn that reminded me of a sea shell, this was my favorite find.

And lastly, an update on the birdies. They have all found their wings and are busy flying around the yard.

While I was outside watching the baby robins, I came across another nest with some baby blue-jays. It is amazing that these homely little ones will become beautiful birds! I feel so blessed to be able to observe Mother Nature and am thankful to be surrounded by her beauty.


Tina said...

Great finds Cheryl - I love that big bag with the pearls and the bling and of course all the 'junk' too.
I´m sure it´ll be some great creations.
xo Tina

Lori said...

Cheryl, you found some great things...i thought the prices were a bit much when i went to the extravaganza last year...of course i was there for only a short time...maybe i missed some bargains...i know i AM still kicking myself over a few things i didn't bring was a hat stand made of fabric that was all tattered and was gorgeous...i don't know WHY i didn't buy it...

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hi Cheryl,
Glad you had a great day out with your Mom and that you found some treasure to take home with you...That seashell looking horn is a winner! Thanks for the update on your feathered sweet!
Take care,

Randi said...

You got some wonderful things! Gosh, I miss the Springfield Antique Show. Hubby and I used to go when we lived in Ohio.

Beatnheart said...

Your artwork is so beautiful..How I admire it and your talent. You sure have a great eye to find the beauty in the unexpected...cheers to you..

Anonymous said...

Cheryl you found some treasures! Thank you for the birdie update. Can you believe how fast they feathered out! Love them ugly babies!

Pam @ Frippery said...

You found some great stuff. Hubby and I were there Friday. Sounds like lot's of bloggers were wondering around scooping up good junk! Those babies are adorable!

lindaharre said...

What fun.......I am so envious, there are no fleas around here:( I love your piece in your new banner!!!!!