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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

what the heck!

I can't believe that it was in the 60's last week and now it is snowing!! I guess it was my fault for putting the shovel away and for taking my snow scraper out of the car!!


Lori said...

well, at least we didn't get the "up to a foot" that had been predicted...i am taking my comfort where i can...LOL...

Laura said...

How discouraging! Hopefully it will melt fast and the daffodils will push on up through it all!
Be well, Laura

Anonymous said...

Oh Cheryl I am so sorry I said,"Hope you have Spring weather..."
Funny Mother nature! We were in the 80's here yesterday and today it is raining! I am so glad because we need the rain!
So I guess we just have to wake up and see if it is Spring or Winter!