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Friday, October 15, 2010

Witchy creations

I got the chance to use all the wonderful photos and orange-colored pieces I found antiquing last weekend. I took the large round tin and created this piece using the lid, with an old plastic clock piece attached to it. Then I used the bottom of the tin and another clock case and other goodies on this piece.

I used the photo of these 2 women and one of the orange buttons on this one..

another one of the photos and the pair of sparkly black earrings found there way into this one

The last orange button and one of the wood blocks compliment this witch

The last piece used was the little old case with the orange velvet lining. To see close-ups of these pieces just click on my available work link on the left.

Now I have to start creating with the xmas goodies I found, time to break out the mica flakes!!


Tina @ TinyBear said...

Awesome creations Cheryl. I love how you have incorporated the orange parts. Great idea with the tins.
xo Tina

north pal said...

you are my mentor as you ALWAYS come up with new thoughts and designs. keep it up.Bestest,Denise

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Fabulous!Your witches are the best! I LOVE my witch and will have to put her up on the blog again for the season! Happy day Cheryl!

RosesRadishesandRubbish said...

OMG!! Such wonderfulness Cheryl...You are the cleverist girl...I LOVE them all and could stare at them for hours. I can't wait to see what you do for Christmas. I loved the santa with sleigh you found.:) Thanks so much for the kind comments on my blog.:) I can't WAIT til November!!:)

Romeo said...

WOW! You're the greatest! I so love your creations! True talent in your little paws! Okay, gotta run, I have to go check out the "girls" again!

"Her" and Romeo

Anonymous said...

I do love the Halloween creations! Thank you for posting it and letting us see them.
My son will tell me his favorites too. He says that your artwork is all I should buy for the house. Not any of the other stuff I get.
The kid is right!

Daryle and Katie said...

Cheryl... Each of these is more delightful than the first... and the first is fabulous! I love the use of the insulators on the one for "feet." And as much fun as they are... I can't wait to see you bring on the mica flakes and make Christmas magical! Daryle

Jan said...

LOVE!!!! Your Halloween decor!!

Ceparie said...

Your witches are slightly disturbing--a compliment, you see, since it's Halloween!

I have a question about the cabinet cards (or whatever you call the old photos mounted on a cardboard-like substrate) that you used for these assemblies--do you photocopy them and keep the original for future use? If not, I have had difficultly cutting through the cardboard, if you have a tip on making this task easier, I would love to hear it.

As always, your work causes me to linger. Can't wait to see how Christmas may inspire you.