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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Country Living Fair

What a wonderful time it was at the fair this year! It was such a busy show that I did not get to leave the tent much and photograph all the amazing venders that were there. I will just have to share all the wonderful work that was created by the Earth Angels in our tent.

This is my "adopted daughter" Sofie, she is always such a big help to me and everyone there, our fearless leader, Jen O'Connor is in the background sprucing up her scooter!

Here are the paintings of Jennifer Lanne

The teddies and creations of Letty Worley

The art of Krys Kirkpatrick

A mixture of artists including Sue Parker and Nicole Bowen

Paintings by Laurie Meseroll

Stuffed creatures and critters by Valerie Weberpal

and a few shots of my spot in the tent. I wish you all could have been there to enjoy it as much as I did. The next show is in just a couple of weeks in Atlanta for all those that live in the South!


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Oh my! So many beautiful things! I'm glad you were so busy and had a successful show! Wish I could have been there!
Take care, Laura :)

Rustique Gal said...

Cheryl, What a lovely conglomeration of art! I wish I could get there and see all these great artists-As always, I adore what you do!

north pal said...

oh, i am so happy to see that you are back. the photos are super.wish yours was closer up. are you going to the one in the south? thank you,Bestest,Denise

Anonymous said...

I love the work you showed! I am glad that you had a busy show too!

Tina @ TinyBear said...

Your creations looks awesome Cheryl.
So glad you had a busy day.
xo Tina

QueenBe said...

Your booth would have been my favorite by far.... what an amazing collection of art. I zoomed in on each photo and sat in awe!!! I hope the show was a success for you. My plans are to attend next year, just to gaze in wonderment!