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Thursday, February 25, 2010

I like pink?!?!?

I have never been a pink person. I know most girls are drawn to almost any shade of pink but that has never been me. I don't have a speck of it in my home or closet. My favorite color is gray followed by black. I am drawn to dark, deep colors and will gladly pass up a pastel color in any shade, that is until recently!
I find that in my old age now ( 43 is getting up there....hehehe...) I might be weakening in my position towards other colors beside the dark, somber ones. One of my favorite blogs to read in the wonderful my faerie window by the equally wonderful Lori Karla. She is a master of creating in wonderful light shades of pink, blues, greens and purples.
While out antiquing last weekend, I came across some vintage pink ribbon and found myself strangely drawn to it. I heard Lori's voice ( or what I imagined Lori's voice to sound like..) telling me to bite the bullet and just buy that pretty pink ribbon. That it was time to cross over to the light side!
So, since I don't normally hallucinate people's voices, i felt it was sign that I needed to purchase that pink ribbon and to create something with a bit of pink in it and so I did......

and look there is even some baby blue in there brave and daring of me!!!

I have finally overcome by fear of pink and learned that it not such a bad color after all! In fact, I have some of this ribbon left over and am actually looking forward to using it again. So Lori, I would like to thank you for inspiring me to embrace my inner pink side. It is a nice change for me and I realize that a little change in life is a good thing...though I still don't think there will ever be any pink in my!!!


Laura said...

Tee hee! I love your pretty pale pink ribbon and how very brave of you to step outside your box! Just think of the possibilities now....
It adds a bit of sweetness I think.
Don't worry's a long way from Pepto Bismal pink...I'm sure you won't venture there anytime soon! Have a great night Cheryl!
:) Laura

Gail said...

Welcome to the pink side, we're a pretty nice bunch over here. I hope you feel comfortable enough to stay awhile . I adore your new piece, is it for sale??? hmmmm?




Rustique Gal said...

Cheryl, Good! Sweet! It suits you, I think. This is a great piece. You really know how to tell the stories of these old pictures. And your blog is always fun to read too. Sherry

Anonymous said...

Another great creation!
Always surprises to see! You are very creative!
Fun blog to read too.

TinyBear said...

Oh - how pretty Cheryl.
I most confess I have it exactly like you - no pink in my house eighter, but Lori inspires me so much as you do too. Your post is just was I was thinking. I want to thank both of you.
Have a lovely weekend
xo Tina

Lululiz said...

That little bit of pink adds a softer emotion to your piece, lightens the solemnity of their little faces. I like it a lot.

Lori said...

oh, Cheryl!!! i am absolutely in love with this...that little touch of pink is gorgeous...i hope it wasn't too scary for you:) LOL...well. and how funny, that having your pieces in my home has inspired me to have a bigger love of neutrals...that ribbon really is lovely, great find!!!

The Rustic Victorian said...

I do believe with "any" color your magic fingers comes in contact with, you will create something wonderous!
I am not a pink person either, sometimes I think if I see anymore baby pink and blue I will become ill. But keeping the mind open and streching, is a good thing. If "you" make it they will come!

Linda said...

That looks darling!! And for me, it's the only way that I'll take pink as well.

My favorite colors to wear are rich, earth tones - black, gray, browns, burgandy, etc. I don't like pastels (on me) at all.

You're very creative! Love your blog. ♥

Kathy said...

This is stunning, as is ALL of your work. I like pink, and this is just great. I would love to have a little talk with your muse and get a few hints!

Beth Leintz said...

I can definitely see Lori's influence on your work, but it's still a Cheryl piece- how fun to see your "collaboration".

lindaharre said... finally give in and I love it! Especially the pink with the blue! Darling piece as are all the pieces below:D You are one talented girl......hugs

Judy said...

Hi Cheryl! Just popped over here after visiting 52 Flea. Must say I love your blog!

I am a "pink" person, but most of it is in my booth at the local antique mall. That's where I put it and play with it. Not much in the home!

Also love your work! I will be back to visit again!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

What a sweet new creation! I adore pastels- even though I try to fight it occasionally, I always come back to them. I do love grey and black, too, however! Lori is so inspiring with her lovely pastel creations, isn't she? Welcome to the light side! :)
Michelle said...

I love Lori's style too! Love the piece, funny I see her - but it is still VERY you!! Lisa