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Monday, September 21, 2009

The wonderful Country Living Fair

I am back after 4 days spent in Columbus at the Country Living Fair. It was such a great experience and I was so lucky to meet so many wonderful people. The weather was beautiful and the smells of barbecue and kettle korn kept me drooling all day Here are some of the many pics I took of my fellow Earth Angel Artists. Here is a view of my booth... The amazing jewelry of Dara DiMagno with Dara busy at work.
The beautiful art of Debbee Thibault

Stunning paintings by Jennifer Lanne

Bears, bunnies and birdies of Pat Murphy

The colorful creations of Leslie McCabe

The whimsical world of Jody Battaglia

Valerie Weberpal's adorable creations

Earth Angels super Sue who kept the show running smoothly for all of us!

The art of the one and only Laurie Messeroll

Jill Weiner's creative pottery pieces

Debbee and Jill pose for the camera!!

My apologies to Letty, Diana and Roseanna, my pics of your amazing art did not come out, that darn camera of mine!!!!!


Lori said...

WOW!!! it looks wonderful Cheryl!!! now i know where i should have gone on saturday...springfield was kind of a bust...mostly because my cell phone wouldn't work and i was worried about my boys...i hope you sold a lot of your gorgeous art work and had lots of fun!!!

Gail said...

I must say that your work inspires me perhaps more than any other, something about the way you put your creations together...they're just wonderful! Thanks for sharing the photos of the show, it looks like it was amazing!

RosesRadishesandRubbish said...

cheryl, What can I say?? Your work is truly amazing and always inspiring. I feel really blessed that I have a few of your pieces. They put a smile on my face daily.:) I NEED one of your ornaments though. Thanks so much for posting all the magical Earth Angels Art. I felt as if I was there for little while. Hope you get some well deserved rest. I don't know how you do it all girl.:) xxxooo, Amy

Laura said...

Hi Cheryl!
Wish I could have been there! It looks so inviting...all those wonderful creations! Thanks for sharing the pics!
Take care, Laura

Rebecca said...

Hello Cheryl
Love your booth...all your creations together like that look amazing! I am going next year that's all there is to it. Thanks for sharing and I hope you did well.