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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Spring Fling

Wow, what a wonderful time I had at the Earth Angels Spring Fling show!! It was such a thrill to meet everyone that came from near and far to see all the wonderful artists gathered there. The highlight for me was meeting my longtime friend Nancy Migliorino who I have known online for over 5 years!

I have lots of pics to share of my booth and the other amazing art at the show!

I was so lucky to be able to have a few of Nicol Sayre's amazing dolls share sit in my booth!

Here are some sweet creations of Nicole Bowen with bears by Pat Murphy in the background.

The spectacular paintings of Laurie Meseroll

The colorful creations of Jody Battaglia

The stunning jewelry by Dara DiMagno

The beautiful paintings of Stacey Bear
The adorable pin cushions made by Debbie Hartwick
The fantastic pottery of Jill Wiener
The whimsical art of Kitty Babendreier

The huggable,lovable creations of Valerie Weberpal

Thanks so much to Valerie for making the 15 hour round trip drive to and from the show a total blast! She was a fantastic navigator since I have no sense of

Please stop by the Earth Angels blog to see more pics of Jennifer Lanne, Debbie Thibault, Letty Worley, Barbara Strawser, Diana Card and their art and to see the visitors that came to this magical show!! Thanks so much to our fearless and energetic leader Jen O'Connor for gathering all of us together and promoting the fellowship of women. Thanks too to the amazing Jo Packham for inspiring us all to keep creating and to reach for the stars!


QueenBe said...

Looks like a fascinating day! I am really enjoying your blog.

sepiadreams said...

Such amazing talent-all of you...I am especially fond of your creations!!! Fantastic booth and wonderful eye candy......Love Tiina....

Laura said...

Wow! Cheryl, I am so sad that I could not be with you all this weekend....everything looks wonderful...thank you for sharing all these pictures! Congratulations for selling out!!!!! Your talent is amazing so I am not surprised that all your goodies sold! Thank you for your kind comments....I can hardly believe that people knew of me up there...really? wow.
I hope you have a great evening and you better get back to work creating!!!Lots of love, Laura

Maria said...

Cheryl, Congrats on your show. Your items are amazing. It was good to see a picture of you. You haven't changed over the years! Maria

Kathy said...

Oh Cheryl~
This is a feast for the eyes. I wish I would have been there, I can see some things I would have purchased! My Visa would have been smoking.

lindaharre said...

Fabulous! I would love to have been there....but....then again, it is probably better that I wasn't....LOL
Cheryl, do you have any left? Do you have any with baby girls? Just wondering:)

Colleen said...

Hope you had a hugely successful trip. Your work is wonderfully fantastic.

Joy said...

You all were in amazing company - each other!

tammy smith said...

So glad you had a very successful show, Cheryl! A friend of mine has one of your pieces from last year so I was able to see one of your creations for real...and it didn't disappoint! If you stop by my blog, I have a little something for you.
Congrats again-Tammy